Why see a psychologist?

People come to see a psychologist for many and varied reasons. Some people recognize that they need some help to cope with life’s stresses, others are sent by their doctor. Sometimes people  can be reluctant to acknowledge that they can not manage on their own. Your mental health is one of the most important factors in enjoying good quality life and can have a harmful effect on not only your own mood and self esteem, but also the wellbeing of the people who are most important in your life.


How does it work?

Research has shown that one of the key factors that determine a successful interaction with a counsellor is the client feeling safe and secure. We will come to you to provide services in the comfort and safety of your own home to ensure the best chance for a successful experience. The first session generally involves providing an outline of the current concerns that prompted you to seek assistance. The psychologist may ask some additional questions to develop an understanding of the background factors and allow the psychologist understand how best to help you achieve your goals. Once an understanding of your needs has been established, the psychologist will work with you to develop a plan of action to address those concerns. Subsequent sessions will be aimed at building strategies to help with you grow in line with your goals.

What if I don’t wish to be seen at my home?

We have some capacity to provide services in a neutral setting upon request. Please contact the service via email with your specific requests. Some additional charges may apply.


Do I need a Medicare referral?

Psychological counselling is available to clients without a referral or a mental health care plan, however this will attract out of pocket expenses.


How do I get a Medicare referral?

Medicare referrals can be completed by your regular doctor, (or another General Practitioner if you so chose). If they feel you are experiencing mental health problems that could benefit from the help of a psychologist, they will create a mental health care plan for you. This typically allows you to access a Medicare rebate for six sessions initially, with capacity for an extension for up to 10 sessions. Your GP may recommend a particular psychologist but you are allowed choose who you see, as long as they are registered with Medicare.

For more information please refer to the Australian Psychological Society website


How much does it cost?

Services are typically bulk billed provided the client has obtained a Mental Health Care Plan from their General Practitioner. This means there will be no out of pocket expenses for the duration of the plan, which can be up to a maximum of 10 sessions within a calendar year.


How long will it take?

Sessions typically last for 50-60 minutes.


Does someone else have to be present? What if the client is underage?

Typically psychological counselling is conducted between the psychologist and an individual, however that is up to your personal preference. Often people chose to have a support person with them during some sessions and it has been shown that recovery from mental illness is more successful when members of the individuals support network are actively involved. For younger people it is common to have a parent or guardian attend for part of a session, however this is again at your discretion. We do request however that an adult be present in the house for the duration of the appointment.



All information discussed with your psychologist is confidential with the exception of a few circumstances. As part of the Medicare referral process some information regarding treatment and progress will be shared with your GP at the conclusion of treatment or when a review of the care plan is required. Further information regarding confidentiality can be found on the APS website, or you can ask your psychologist for further information.

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